The final: Think Outside of the Screen

Exploading diagram 2jACKETEYEThe cyborgPhone final 2 TV HEAD!

 Finally, I have finished my illustrations for my final major project and the exhibition is approaching very soon. I’m a little sad that the whole thing is coming to an end now but I have had a wonderful time doing this project even if sometimes things got a little bit challenging.

I think that my illustrations are creative and original. One of the things I really wanted to convey in my illustrations was how technology is changing how we think and how we interpret things. Another kind of reason behind my project theme was to just think about how technology has made humans almost robotic/cyborg-like. I just wanted to do something different and unique but also just to have fun with experimenting different materials and different meanings. One of the most challenging things in this project was how I was going to translate my ideas and inspirations into six different, creative illustrations. So I thought quite long about what type of illustrations I could possibly do but in the end I think it all clicked together. I was highly insipred by Michael Craig Martin because I was intrigued by his use of bold colours and unique style of neatness. I could really relate to his art because I love colour and a lot of the times my art is quite neat and simple as some people describe it.

I have made some changes to my illustrations such as changing the outline colour to white. I was stuck on which colour (black or white) to use for the outline of my illustrations. So I decided to do two versions of each illustration. Would love to hear which you guys find the most effective! To see black outline version check out my older posts!

Now it’s time to get ready for the exhibition…nervous but excited to see everyone’s work come together at the same time.

2 thoughts on “The final: Think Outside of the Screen

  1. Amazing work, all the pieces look fantastic. I went back through and had a look at the black outlined versions, and I’m not sure which I like more either. The black definitely brought the details out more, but I think I prefer the freshness the white adds to the bright colours.

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    1. Thank you and I really appreciate your feedback. I’m still struggling to choose which outline is the most effective but hopefully I’ll get some feedback from classmates to help me figure it out ^^


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