Exhibition: Part 2

A couple of people observing my art VERY CLOSELY ahaha
A full view of my space đŸ™‚
The iconic pose that started this whole project!

DSC01200 DSC01192 DSC01185 DSC01184

The exhibition was a lovely experience and I enjoyed seeing people look at my art for the first time (kind of). I was nervous at first because I didn’t know what to expect and was scared that people wouldn’t like my work but I think I did a good job in the end. I felt a little teary since college is finishing and that I will miss everyone but I had a very good two years in college. I’m glad I chose to go do a btec instead of a levels since I got to do art every single day.

As for my future I won’t be going onto uni this year but hopefully/maybe next year to do an illustration course. I just feel like I need a little break to just explore more art on my own and gain more confidence in a few areas I’d like to improve on. I will be updating this blog during my gap year so do not worry about me disappearing from here now that college is over. See you all next time!

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