Light and dark series 1: Silhouettes

Hello guys! Long time no see, I’ve been a little busy this summer holiday and I had no time to update this blog. For the longest time I’ve wanted to do a photography series with the theme of light and dark because I find the topic interesting. During my holiday I’ve traveled with my camera everywhere hoping to get a quick shoot done for this project but I never found the right moment to really capture what I had in mind. However, I got the perfect moment while I was up a mountain viewing the beautiful scenery and the sun was shining bright. I quickly got out my camera and started snapping away at all the other people viewing the scenery. It was great since they were all oblivious to the fact that I was taking pictures of them. The high contrast in the pictures are successful because it makes my images look sharp, bold and engaging. I tried to focus on my composition, angles and the contrast. I’m new to photography so I still have a lot to learn and improve. I enjoy taking pictures and I hope to take more during this summer holiday! DSC01552








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