3D drawing aka paper creature!

The task that I was faced with in my drawing class was to change the surface paper and for each paper to not have an edge. I found this task quite challenging because I work in a very neat and controlled way, this task definitely pushed me. I tried my best to change the paper into something else and for it to be free in a way but I think that I could have improved. This is because I found that the paper didn’t really shape into something totally different and I struggled with just molding it into something new. Overall, I think that this task was interesting but challenging for me to be creative and to think more freely.I find my outcome visually engaging and I think that it looks almost like an island of some sort. This makes my 3D drawing have this sense of isolation and mystery to it.

DSC03136DSC03184DSC03154 DSC03169 DSC03172 DSC03181 DSC03186 DSC03189

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