Tate Modern 2015

Hey there guys! I recently visited the Tate Modern and I enjoyed the different art displayed. I definitely recommend anyone to go and see the art there. My favourite piece was Sam Francis’ painting, ‘Around the Blues’, because it was such a beautiful painting to look at. I loved the expressiveness and the colours used in this painting.

DSC02578DSC02600 DSC02615 DSC02618 DSC02626 DSC02655 DSC02667 DSC02678 DSC02680

The past few weeks I’ve been very busy with doing my design foundation course and so far it’s been great. I think that it’ll open me to a new way of thinking since my class has a variety of people who like graphic design, architecture and etc. For quite a while I was really focused on illustration but now I’ve opened up more to doing design and my teacher does say I’m more of a design student so I’ve been rethinking about illustration. I do have an interest in graphic design and I think that pursuing it is definitely a possibility. I just hope this year goes well and that I’m able to do better than last year!

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