Colour blind?

DSC03882DSC03862 DSC03864 DSC03868 DSC03871 DSC03873 DSC03879A few weeks ago I went to visit a colour installation by Ann Veronica Janssens and it was AMAZING. I went inside the coloured mist and felt like I transferred to another world. I loved it especially since I love colours and working with colours. It’s definitely something I recommend you guys to experience. I must have spent 20 minutes inside and just embraced the peaceful mood. At first I felt panic because I couldn’t see where I was going but I started to feel calm. It made me think about how blind people feel and I felt like time had stopped. Once I had enough of being in the mist, I made my way out of the two doors and I felt like I was almost reborn. Seeing people and just seeing in general felt really weird and shocking. I got used to see the coloured mist that seeing people and things shocked me a bit. All in all it was amazing and I will probably go there again soon because I love it. Makes you go through a lot of emotions and thoughts.

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