the little detail

Over the past two weeks I’ve been experimenting on a project based on a book and I chose to work with The Alchemist because it’s such a beautiful book with lots of useful quotes.

The first experiment I decided to do was to expand a quote I found intriguing and placed the sentence in different places around my college. I found this an enjoyable task to do, because it made me think in a creative and playful way. I think that the meaning of the words changed when I place the sentence in different places and spaces. This is effective because I can manipulate the perspective of the viewer and make them think about what they’ve just read. I also think that this is a very intimate and personal piece because it’s done in a small scale and the viewers can relate to it or interpret it in a personal way.

Overall, I think that this mini series of experiments has been successful and I will carry on with developing my work. I hope to produce something as beautiful as The Alchemist and do it justice. Bye bye~





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