Book project: process

Over the past few weeks I have experimented with a lot of different materials and techniques to develop my project. I think that these experiments really helped move my project onwards and changed the meaning behind my project as well. I put in a lot of time and effort to try new things and make this piece work. In my last post I did say that I wanted to create something as beautiful as the book (The Alchemist) and I think that I was able to do that.

Overall, I think that this piece can be expanded into something with a lot of depth and meaning. I hope that this piece engages the audience and that it comforts people in a way when they feel low. The piece itself feels a lot like a blanket or a comfortable pillow in a way when seen in real life. If I had more time to develop this piece I would have covered a whole room with pages from the book, added in music in the background and also make the cloud of paper bigger. I think that this would have been successful because then people can be really emerged in the book and feel comforted by the words.

I am still not finished with this project and will be working on it in my own time. My main goal is to just make a big cloud of pages and words and also do a photography series! Still excited about this whole project and I want to be even more fearless with this piece. I usually make very neat, small and controlled work so I thought it’d be a good idea to dedicate my foundation course year to creating things which is outside my comfort zone and is also different from what I usually do.  So far I am really enjoying my design course and class since I have learnt a lot of new ways of thinking and creating!

Bye bye~ 🙂

Lights experiment





Oil experiment
DSC03972 copy
photoshop version
Water experiment
first attempt
Wall installation attempt






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