Lisson Gallery: Susan Hiller Exhibition

Hellooooo! It’s been quite a while since I last posted on this blog, I was so busy with christmas and work. I have missed this blog sooo much to be honest. Anyway today I was browsing through timeout to find some cool free exhibitions I could go to and I magically found SUSAN HILLER’S EXHIBITION. I cried…yup. I’ve been inspired by her so art since the first year of college up until now. So straight after college I hoped on the bus and a train to get to this gallery. Let me tell you it was so damn hard to find and I was walking around like a headless chicken.

The first thing I was excited by was to press the bell to enter the gallery…I’m not joking here. After entering I walked into a big white room with really high ceilings – it was like the room was calling me to come in. I heard voices and saw the film projected on the walls. There was a bench near the corner so I took a seat and watched the film for a good 15 minutes. The high ceiling made the sound very distant in a way and I almost felt unreal. Being placed in an empty, big room while watching the film I felt vulnerable and I think that this made the film even more dramatic to me personally.

I really found the layout and interior of this gallery pleasant to wander around in. It felt clean and easy. I think that the gallery had a good variety of art presented and it had a natural flow. Overall, I enjoyed this exhibition and I’m glad I got to see Hiller’s work in real life. I definitely recommend it even though it ends this Saturday! I know that I will be inspired by her work again in the near future for my own art and design.

That’s it for now~ byeee~


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