I am back!

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to comeback to this blog because I’ve just missed blogging quite frankly and I feel as though I’m in a better time of my life now to start again. To update you all on my busy exciting uni life I will explain all in my next post!

These past few months I was just in a zone trying to figure my life out and what will be coming next in my future. I think it’s a very common thing to go through at this age with life attacking from all angles  happening and changing. I’m very proud to say I’m now officially a design student at Goldsmiths and I can say I’m loving every moment. The course is very intense and hands on and that’s exactly why I’ve chose Goldsmiths in the first place – it’s also a very open course where students are free creatively.

AS YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED I’m no longer yumidraws.wordpress but yumi-koco! Just to explain what my new domain means Yumi is my real name and the word Koco is just the first two letters from my Japanese surname and also my English surename put together. 🙂


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