the bloom.


 lacking interest or excitement; dull.

the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.


 the desire to care less about things


New mini experimental series of poetry and photography intertwined into one. For a long time I had a creative block due to feeling pressured to produce work in uni (ironic I know), but at last I have been inspired by what life has thrown me. This is the result of just creating what I feel like creating and not worrying about it being perfect or not “designy” enough.

Photography inspired by  Anthony Samaniego

Some of the writing is illegible in the photographs so I have captioned them! The handwriting is mine, photographs and all poetry is original by me~


Again and again you must try to forget so that you can live and not have to regret.



The sleepless city me too I never sleep in my own thoughts too deep sit sit sit in front of the screen let’s forget about everything that we’ve seen and promise forever give me a ring ring ring ring ring…


I try to blink through the storm to think would have made it rain but my eyes want to drain tears let the pain drain.


remind me of how I used to be and I thank you thank you thank you



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