yellow x blue 


HI! I know I know I’ve gone missing again from this blog and I’ve truly been self reflective about the type of work I’ve been producing and also the stresses of uni. BUT not all is lost I am back with new work on its way! I’ve been snapping away around London and thinking about the city and the people living here in London.

Project: City x Isolation is an idea/concept of how some or many people living in cities feel isolated and maybe even homesick (if they’re from somewhere else).

These issues are hard to not only discuss but to visualize in a way that captures its honesty and rawness. I must say that it is difficult to capture these emotions without over exaggerating it and making it too dramatic/cheesy. Taking street photography is quite challenging, trying to take shots without getting noticed, people giving me strange looks and my own safety since I usually go out alone to take shots. However, I find it extremely satisfying knowing that I can photograph the little details that people usually look over and not think twice about. I have taken a series of black and white photographs that hopefully captured these emotions as they are. These images have a little twist to them with text overlapping the images. I made my own typeface/font using illustrator and tried to create something that’s simplistic.

Anyway I will be posting again with the final images! See you~


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