Life Update!

You could be more ambitious




Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve made a more personal post about what I’ve been up to. I wanted to update you guys on everything!

To be honest nothing spectacular has happened in the past few months but I have suspended my studies at Goldsmiths doing BA Design. The reason behind this was way deeper than not enjoying the course but also because I felt as though I was in a very lost place. My mind was all over the place and I began questioning if the course was what really was best for me! I would go in to uni feeling stressed and unorganised. I felt as though I lost passion for my creativity and just getting things done became a real challenge. I stopped updating my blog too but this blog is literally my baby. I felt so much pressure to produce work quickly and just get on with it really. It all got too much so I decided that this was no longer benefiting me creatively, no longer making me grow as a person and so I put everything on pause.

I am not saying the course is bad it just wasn’t for me and not what I expected  it to be. Its a good course to do for anyone who love collaborative work, fast paced and presenting their work in front of people. I think that if you really love design (politically and socially) then it would be the right course for you!

Hmm…Its now been about a two months since I left – I can definitely say that I feel much happier and in a healthier place. I’ve never felt this calm before. All I’ve been doing for the time being is allowing my body and mind to rest and calm down. Reading lots of books, writing poems and figuring out what I really want to do from now on I kind of know now but I am still waiting for conformation!

I’m really just practicing drawing again and getting back into illustration! I’ve neglected drawing for so long now. My hand has been itching to draw for a while now and I miss being able to just draw and not think about anything else! For the next few months I’m solely going to focus on drawing again and might do a little photography.

Can’t wait to update this blog with my new drawings! Until then see you!!

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