yellow x blue 


HI! I know I know I’ve gone missing again from this blog and I’ve truly been self reflective about the type of work I’ve been producing and also the stresses of uni. BUT not all is lost I am back with new work on its way! I’ve been snapping away around London and thinking about the city and the people living here in London.

Project: City x Isolation is an idea/concept of how some or many people living in cities feel isolated and maybe even homesick (if they’re from somewhere else).

These issues are hard to not only discuss but to visualize in a way that captures its honesty and rawness. I must say that it is difficult to capture these emotions without over exaggerating it and making it too dramatic/cheesy. Taking street photography is quite challenging, trying to take shots without getting noticed, people giving me strange looks and my own safety since I usually go out alone to take shots. However, I find it extremely satisfying knowing that I can photograph the little details that people usually look over and not think twice about. I have taken a series of black and white photographs that hopefully captured these emotions as they are. These images have a little twist to them with text overlapping the images. I made my own typeface/font using illustrator and tried to create something that’s simplistic.

Anyway I will be posting again with the final images! See you~


the bloom.


 lacking interest or excitement; dull.

the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.


 the desire to care less about things


New mini experimental series of poetry and photography intertwined into one. For a long time I had a creative block due to feeling pressured to produce work in uni (ironic I know), but at last I have been inspired by what life has thrown me. This is the result of just creating what I feel like creating and not worrying about it being perfect or not “designy” enough.

Photography inspired by  Anthony Samaniego

Some of the writing is illegible in the photographs so I have captioned them! The handwriting is mine, photographs and all poetry is original by me~


Again and again you must try to forget so that you can live and not have to regret.



The sleepless city me too I never sleep in my own thoughts too deep sit sit sit in front of the screen let’s forget about everything that we’ve seen and promise forever give me a ring ring ring ring ring…


I try to blink through the storm to think would have made it rain but my eyes want to drain tears let the pain drain.


remind me of how I used to be and I thank you thank you thank you



Lost and Found: A time of change


What makes me me?

Am I the same person from a few seconds ago?

What defines me?

These are some of the questions I’ve been asking myself lately and I think it has a lot to do with things surrounding me changing/being new. Everything is new. The journey to university is new, the shops are new, people, buildings and new feelings. This really triggered this nagging thought of my identity and my beliefs. There was also a strong sense of loss in a way, since I felt like I’ve lost a lot of the things I kept close to my heart but a juxtaposition of new gain.

Maybe that’s the way things work , every time something subtracts there’s a plus one. I took a series of black and white photographs illustrating these thoughts and feelings. These photographs are open to different interpretations.


Understand that she is of her own…





The Cubist

Hey guys, been a while since I’ve made an actual post on what I’ve been up to on my course so I shall fill you guys in an update. Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on creating a new typeface mainly using Adobe Illustrator and Indesign to do graphic explorations. I must admit it was a bit of a challenge since it was the first time I’ve tried to create a new typeface on illustrator – to say the least I was clueless. I haven’t got much experience in typography and all the in depth knowledge about text/font.

The first few lessons I mainly experimented with shapes and how I could manipulate these shapes to make a typeface. I tried using already existing fonts to manipulate with but I found that quite passive and what most people do. Therefore I decided to completely make a font from scratch as you can imagine it was a bad idea for a beginner like me..

After hundreds of experiments with using geometric shapes and arrangements I finally decided to keep it simple and just used rectangles and squares. I was ver much inspired but the Cubism movement and tried to create something minimal/modernised version. Finally after hours, days staring at a computer screen I made these graphic explorations using my own typeface. It was a difficult task but I feel as thought I’m satisfied with the outcome I’ve produced in the three days I had.





Layering images and type


Exploration with scale of the font and colour


The typeface could be interpreted as a blueprint, so I tried to brand a building company. 

I am back!

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to comeback to this blog because I’ve just missed blogging quite frankly and I feel as though I’m in a better time of my life now to start again. To update you all on my busy exciting uni life I will explain all in my next post!

These past few months I was just in a zone trying to figure my life out and what will be coming next in my future. I think it’s a very common thing to go through at this age with life attacking from all angles  happening and changing. I’m very proud to say I’m now officially a design student at Goldsmiths and I can say I’m loving every moment. The course is very intense and hands on and that’s exactly why I’ve chose Goldsmiths in the first place – it’s also a very open course where students are free creatively.

AS YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED I’m no longer yumidraws.wordpress but yumi-koco! Just to explain what my new domain means Yumi is my real name and the word Koco is just the first two letters from my Japanese surname and also my English surename put together. 🙂