Sonder: n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own—populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherited craziness.

Isolation: n. the process or fact of isolating or being isolated.
Stillness: n. the absence of movement or sound.
Solo: n. a thing done by one person unaccompanied
In the city we rarely find ourselves alone yet we can feel terribly alone in a big crowd. We forget how our space would look like if they were empty. The hustle and bustle during the day with office workers in dull suits hurrying through the big city but by night it transforms to big stage. You can choose to be under the spot light or be the audience. I was the audience this time capturing London’s soloists.
Throughout this shoot I kept in mind the idea of capturing stillness in the city; while everyone is constantly moving, talking or taking selfies you always find the lone ranger among all this noise. That stillness. Losing all other thoughts I captured these moments as honestly as I could.
“Solitude matters, and for some people, it’s the air they breathe”
Susan Cain
In our society being extroverted is a desirable personality trait and we often associate being introverted as something that needs to be changed or seen as a negative. Introverts are often told to “come out their shells” and to interact more with others. Why is being alone seen as something that needs fixing? Being alone in the city is almost a rebellious act of saying “I can be alone in a place where most people are with someone else” I am not saying that every person I captured is an introvert or is lonely. I simply captured that moment as honestly as I could and it is open to interpretation.
Being alone is not always something to be seen as a negative. It is necessary to be in solitude from time to time. There’s no right or wrong in such a complex subject of being alone.
To simplify being alone isn’t always equivalent to being/feeling lonely.  Essentially we are all alone in a sense that no one will ever know what we’re thinking or how we’re feeling. We can be surrounded by people but still feel lonely.
Then what makes us lonely? What makes people feel isolated?
In every photograph is a layer of text that are almost like stories or confessions of myself. I intentionally did this to see if this shifted the mood of the images. The aim for these photographs was to be as untouched and honest as I could get them to be; adding my own “confessions” is something that I am not entirely sure about but I wanted this to be unique. I not only do art/photography I also write a lot of poems and hoped to merge all of this together into one.
“Why do people have to be this lonely? What’s the point of it all? Millions of people in this world, all of them yearning, looking to others to satisfy them, yet isolating themselves. Why? Was the earth put here just to nourish human loneliness?”
Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart
It is something that we can’t define as this ONE thing because everyone is different from each other. This feeling that we can all feel at one point in our lives can’t be described into words. The feeling is and is not at the same time.
I hope that these photographs can provoke a thought, idea or feeling and they’re




Hello! I have some cool news to share with you guys~ Project City X Isolation will be in Issue Three of  Femini Mag!! That’s why I’ve been stalling uploading all my photographs but I can tell you guys now that issue three is available to preorder here. I’m very excited and happy to tell you guys.
I’ve had a creative block for a while after and I am trying to simplify everything in my life right now to be able to focus more on my art/design. I have suspended my university studies and it was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. It was not the right course for me and I am taking time out to work freely and not have stresses of finishing essays (I’m not an essay kind of person).
I’m taking this time out of studies as an opportunity to work on myself and my creative journey! I definitely have a plan to do short courses later this year and will update this blog with what I’m up to!
Alright enough talking here are a couple more photographs for Project City X Isolation.

Puppet: n.a movable model of a person or animal that is typically moved either by strings controlled from above or by a hand inside it.

Absent: a. not present in a place, at an occasion, or as part of something.
(of an expression or manner) showing that someone is not paying attention to what is being said or done.
Affinity: n. a natural liking for and understanding of someone or something.

‘Out of Touch’ March 2017

you can’t navigate through your life if you can’t even hear your own voice. – Yumi Koco

‘Lost in The City’ March 2017

Once upon a time

         I got lost in the city

I lost myself

          and was never

found again

                                            The End.



*Disclaimer – the photograph is original taken by me and the text in the photograph is original. I am not releasing all the photographs from this series on this blog yet because I don’t know if I can but here’s one of them!*

noun – a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause.
adjective – both pleasant and painful/regretful 



During the past year I have been surrounded by people, work colleagues and friends from different countries and they would tell me their stories. Often they’re stuck in-between feeling homesick but also loving their new environment (London). I’ve met some really interesting people because of this, just listening to all their anecdotes makes me want to travel right then and there and it creates a bittersweet feeling. These stories have helped me in ways I never thought could do and has touched my heart in a way which is indescribable.

“Not all those who wander are lost.”
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring




There’s one person (whom I shall not name) I’ve been really inspired by and has completely touched my heart with their stories and just their self expression is so beautiful to witness. They often feel like there is no one in this country that they can truly rely on and be protected by but they enjoy the freedom they have here in London. Even though they may feel all this loneliness and sadness from time to time there are moments that would have never happened, if they never left their home.

This photograph that I took has been inspired by this person and I wanted to capture this because it reminded me of how life is unpredictable. There’s a beauty to this aspect of life but also a feeling of uneasiness never knowing whats around the corner. I think that everyone can relate to the feeling of not knowing and either being worried or excited about the future. That’s was my main reason for taking this picture.

It’s not knowing what’s next but still having the courage to walk down that path or road and you can be pleasantly surprised by the things you experience. The hardest part though is just taking that risk and knowing that you will be okay no matter what happens. Good or bad.


“Maybe you had to leave in order to really miss a place; maybe you had to travel to figure out how beloved your starting point was.”
Jodi Picoult, Handle with Care



The Cubist

Hey guys, been a while since I’ve made an actual post on what I’ve been up to on my course so I shall fill you guys in an update. Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on creating a new typeface mainly using Adobe Illustrator and Indesign to do graphic explorations. I must admit it was a bit of a challenge since it was the first time I’ve tried to create a new typeface on illustrator – to say the least I was clueless. I haven’t got much experience in typography and all the in depth knowledge about text/font.

The first few lessons I mainly experimented with shapes and how I could manipulate these shapes to make a typeface. I tried using already existing fonts to manipulate with but I found that quite passive and what most people do. Therefore I decided to completely make a font from scratch as you can imagine it was a bad idea for a beginner like me..

After hundreds of experiments with using geometric shapes and arrangements I finally decided to keep it simple and just used rectangles and squares. I was ver much inspired but the Cubism movement and tried to create something minimal/modernised version. Finally after hours, days staring at a computer screen I made these graphic explorations using my own typeface. It was a difficult task but I feel as thought I’m satisfied with the outcome I’ve produced in the three days I had.





Layering images and type


Exploration with scale of the font and colour


The typeface could be interpreted as a blueprint, so I tried to brand a building company. 


Hey guys, I got so caught up in the foundation course and organising uni stuff that I completely neglected this blog. Opps…

Anyway just to update, I’ve finished my one year design foundation course and I’ve loved every minute. I never thought I’d be a design student to be honest. Last year I had my eyes glued to illustration but now I am planning to do design as a career. Not sure what type of design career but definitely something along the lines of graphic design, creative director or setting up my own studio.

Okay enough with the rambling, here are the highlights of my foundation course!

I’ve had a good year, it was definitely a time where I was really transitioning not only as a artist but as a person and for that I will always remember the days I spent in the course. So many things have changed and aligned into a new perspective!


Exhibition: Part 2

A couple of people observing my art VERY CLOSELY ahaha
A full view of my space 🙂
The iconic pose that started this whole project!

DSC01200 DSC01192 DSC01185 DSC01184

The exhibition was a lovely experience and I enjoyed seeing people look at my art for the first time (kind of). I was nervous at first because I didn’t know what to expect and was scared that people wouldn’t like my work but I think I did a good job in the end. I felt a little teary since college is finishing and that I will miss everyone but I had a very good two years in college. I’m glad I chose to go do a btec instead of a levels since I got to do art every single day.

As for my future I won’t be going onto uni this year but hopefully/maybe next year to do an illustration course. I just feel like I need a little break to just explore more art on my own and gain more confidence in a few areas I’d like to improve on. I will be updating this blog during my gap year so do not worry about me disappearing from here now that college is over. See you all next time!


Hello! It’s been a long week of staring at the computer screen for hours, perfecting my final illustrations, panicking and getting mentally prepared. I’m now proud to saw I have only two more illustrations left to finish! It took longer than I thought to create these illustrations because I had to think of colour combinations and typography. I think that the four illustrations I’ve done so far are successful but I would appreciate some constructive feedback from anyone on wordpress!

Exploading diagram
Phone final
Typography developed into my final ^_^
Circuit board Jacket
This illustration originally started from a photograph I took of my friend.
My favourite!